Why should you keep your coffee equipment clean?

Cleaning Coffee Equipment

It is very important to keep all your coffee equipment clean such as, the commercial espresso machine and commercial coffee grinder, in your coffee shop, restaurant or espresso bar. You should do a routine cleaning of your commercial coffee equipment on a daily basis. (Every day after closing)  

Cleaning your commercial  coffee equipment should not take you longer than 10 minutes from start to finish. Keeping to this cleaning routine will not only pay off with general customer satisfaction, but it will also help extend the lifetime of your equipment. There are three very important reasons to keep this equipment clean.

3 reasons why you should keep you coffee section clean and tidy

Reason 1: Your coffee equipment should always looks new, clean, and shiny.

If you are going to allow grime, splatters, and resins from the oils in the coffee to gather on the equipment, your customers will see your shop as a dirty place. They will feel uncomfortable supporting your business and consider supporting a different coffee shop, restaurant or espresso bar. Just as you will clean the floor or wipe down stains on your tables, you should always make sure that your coffee equipment looks new, clean, and shiny.

Reason 2: Not cleaning your coffee machine will allow resins to circulate bitterness

As resins from the oils of the coffee beans will gather on some of the components of your espresso machine, they will change the flavour and the quality of your espresso drinks. These resins will circulate bitterness to subsequent extractions. These oils will also partially obstruct those extractions and will be the reason why they do not extract properly. Over the course of as little as a week, the quality of your drinks will decrease tremendously if you do not keep your equipment clean on a daily basis.

Reason 3: Regularly descale the internals of you commercial coffee machine

If you don’t regularly descale the internals of your commercial espresso machine with a cleaner made for it, even when using the water soft rening unit, which is strongly recommended for warranty purposes, over time, mineral scales will gather within your espresso machine.

Coffee Equipment

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