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Lelit Diana Dual Boiler Dual Pump PID 1 Group Domestic Espresso Coffee Machine

Lelit Diana Dual Boiler Dual Pump PID 1 Group Domestic Espresso Machine.

The Lelit Diana Dual Boiler is also avaialble without PID, click here :

We found an absolute gem in Italy with the Lelit Diana. A double boiler, double pump, PID espresso machine at a price we’re sure they got wrong.

We all know about a double boiler machine with PID, but why 2 pumps ? On ALL  espresso machines there is a possibility that the machine will automatically fill the boiler while you are extracting your espresso – when this happens there will be a variation in brew pressure. Not with the Lelit Diana – with dedicated boilers, PID and a dedicated pump for your group head nothing can effect your temperature or brew pressure.

Excellent build quality, beautiful to look at and most importantly produces great espresso with endless steam power.

Small clever things, like a raised group head to fit larger cups BUT with an espresso/small cup tray that cleverly clips into the drip tray should you require it, and multiple indicator lights so you know exactly what your machine is up to.

Another point to mention is that the hot water tap is set at the same temperature as the PID – this means that when you add hot water to top up your americano it is not the usual 120’C (or more) water that burns your espresso, and its at the perfect temperature to brew tea.

There is simply no better package than this for a domestic espresso machine with all the bells and whistles that one would need.

Lelit is an Italian family-run company that designs and produces coffee machines either for household or professional use. Both a long technical tradition and an advanced research and development division makes Lelit a leading company among the espresso machine producers. Design, technology, service and care for details are the main features of our company.

We’ve been using this machine for a while now and its great. Endless steam power, great espressos and super fast warm-up time – 3 minutes and 30 seconds – steam and brew ready.

In Lelit’s DNA :

Lelit Diana Dual Boiler Dual Pump PID 1 Group Domestic Espresso Machine :

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Watch 6 cappuccinos in under 5 minutes below, on the previous model :