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Concept Art Exclusive Group Brush

Concept Art Exclusive Group Brush.

This top of the range cleaning brush has been newly developed so that you can clean the group head with the running water from the group.

The trailing edges ensure that you will not run the hot water over your hand.

The brush head is screwed into the aluminum holder and thus interchangeable – includes 1 spare head.

Must be seen and held to truly appreciate.

Made in Germany.

Material: Aluminum, Nylon

Cleaning your coffee equipment not only prolongs the life of your machine and grinder but will also result in better tasting coffee.

Use one of our group head cleaning brushes on a regular basis to ensure that there is no coffee residue build up on the group head and channels around the head.

While you are doing this it is also a good idea to back flush the group using a blind filter with Clean your Machine Group Head Cleaner.