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You may want to customise your espresso machine to stand out from the rest. An easy way is to change the stock portafilter handles to wood or a different colour.

Use a bottomless portafilter to really see what’s happening under the hood – you can’t lie to this little friend it will show you exactly what’s wrong with your shot.

Blind Filter – 58mm Stainless Steel

Blind Filter – 58mm Stainless Steel.

Will fit most espresso machines that use a 58mm portafilter basket.

Pop out your existing portafilter basket and use with Clean your Machine Group Head Cleaner to back flush your espresso machines group heads. Simultaneously you should use your group head brush to scrub the group head and surrounding channels.

You’ll be amazed at the coffee residue that builds up in your group head over a short period of time.

How often should you backflush your espresso machine.

Commercial espresso machines need to be backflushed every day with water and depending on how busy you are with Clean your Machine Group Head Cleaner.

Domestic espresso machines should be backflushed with water after every use and backflushed with Clean your Machine Group Head Cleaner at least once every week.

Espresso machines need to be backflushed to remove the coffee oils and granules that can build up inside your group head and portafilters, blocking the flow of water and killing the flavour of your coffee. If you follow a good maintenance schedule your coffee will taste better and you will extend the life of your espresso machine.