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Retail / Shop Coffee Grinder – Grinds directly into packets or containers.

The coffee grinder is probably the most important player in your coffee setup. The perfect grind makes for perfect coffee.

Compak R120 Shop Packet Commercial Coffee Grinder

The Compak R120 Shop Packet Commercial Coffee Grinder gives you maximum precision is guaranteed with its intuitive control system that allows you to select and configure according to each clients taste. Grind for brewing the most common methods, from Turkish coffee, to Espresso, Mocha, Filter, Drip, French Press and cupping.

The Compak R120’s incorporates one fan under the motor and one on the upper body to help maintain a low temperature in the most demanding situations.

In 1952 Jesus Ascaso founded Compak with an objective in mind, to manufacture a coffee grinder that was functional, simplistic, and built to perfection. Since that time Compak has continued to bring to market high quality coffee grinders that are ahead of their time. Compak has worked in collaboration with some of the most prestigious designers in world to bring to market coffee grinders that are not only functional but extremely attractive as well. Compak grinders can be found in some of the best hotels, restaurants, and coffee houses around the world.

The Compak R120 Shop Packet Commercial Coffee Grinder features :

Technical Features of the Compak R120 Shop Packet  Commercial Coffee Grinder :

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