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New screens and gaskets are the first item on the agenda when your espresso machine needs serving.

It’s quick and easy and you can do this change yourself – no need for a costly technician.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Gasket – E61 Group Head


Cleaning and Maintenance

Screen – E61 Group Head


Cleaning and Maintenance

Spacer – Group Head


Gasket – E61 Group Head

Gasket – E61 Group Head.

Servicing your own E61 group head is quick and easy.

Over time this gasket will start to become brittle and water will leak over the top of your portafilter when you are pulling a shot.

At the same time you may also need to replace the group head screen as well with a stock standard E61 Group Head Screen, or you can try one of our IMS Precision Screens – E61 200 IM Competiton Series