4 Steps to help you clean your commercial coffee grinder

Cleaning your commercial coffee grinder

It’s a fact that if you do not clean your coffee grinder on a regular basis it will add impurities to the coffee which will leave a stale smell or taste that has developed due to the build-up of oils. Cleaning your commercial coffee grinder on a regular basis will help ensure you to have better tasting coffee or espresso.

Step 1: Cleaning the hopper of your commercial coffee grinder

Close the gate of the hopper, and lift the hopper off of your commercial coffee grinder. Pour the remaining coffee beans into an airtight container. Then wash the hopper with warm soapy water, and towel dry. Do not put the damp hopper back on the commercial coffee grinder. If you do, drops of water will trickle down into the commercial coffee grinder and rust the grinding burrs.

Step 2: Empty the chamber of your commercial coffee grinder if you have a doser grinder

Empty the chamber by pulling the dosing lever repeatedly until all of the ground coffee has been removed. Put the ground coffee in an airtight container for storage.

Step 3: Brush the grinder

By using your grinder brush, brush the grinder out so that the grinding burrs and chamber internals are dry and clean.

Step 4: Buff the grinder body

You can use  some paper towels to buff up the grinder body so that it will look spotless, shiny, and good-as-new.

When you keep your commercial coffee grinder clean, your customers will know that you take cleanliness seriously. For more information about everything coffee, from beans to industrial coffee machines, please visit our blog page for the latest updates. If you have any comments, please share them with us below.


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