Coffee vs. Espresso

Coffee is a brewed beverage with a bitter taste. It is made using ground coffee beans. Espresso is a type of coffee that is more concentrated due to its unique brewing method

Coffee vs. Espresso 

Brewing Methods

In order to be made into coffee, the whole coffee bean must be ground. Most ground coffee is for brewing in a home coffee maker, known as automatic drip. The beans are ground to a medium coarseness for this type of coffee maker. In automatic coffee makers, hot water drips onto the ground coffee and extracts its essence through a filter. The grounds are discarded after use. Coffee can also be boiled or placed in a percolator for brewing.

Altering the brewing method makes espresso. Very hot water under pressure is forced through finely ground, compacted coffee. The result is a beverage that is thicker than normal coffee. In addition, froth is formed on top of the beverage. This froth is called crema. The crema is the result of emulsifying the oils in the coffee into a colloid. 

Brewed Black Coffee

The average serving size of a cup of coffee is 8 ounces.

Espresso’s serving size is one ounce. Often, espresso will be added to coffee in shots. It is not uncommon to add up to three or four shots of espresso to a cup of coffee. Of course, espresso may also be drunk alone without mixing it into coffee or with milk.

 Caffeine Content

 Depending on the brew, a cup of coffee contains 80-185mg of caffeine. This makes it a popular beverage in the mornings.

A serving of espresso contains 40-75 mg of caffeine. A serving of espresso is one ounce.


The verdict is still out on whether coffee is good or bad for you. Caffeine can aggravate anxiety, for instance, and raises blood pressure, but some of the oils found in coffee are said to be beneficial to the heart. For now, moderation is key.

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