Why is buying a coffee grinder important?

Why is buying a coffee grinder important?

When buying a coffee machine it is important to remember that you have to invest in a grinder. The grinder is an integral, necessary part of making great espresso in the comfort of your own home.

When you don’t buy a grinder, and instead, buy preground or prepackaged coffee, the espresso shots will be lousy, running too fast, producing insufficient crema, or will just taste extremely bitter.

Why is buying a coffee grinder important?

Espresso preparation is near-torture for a ground coffee bean. This is harsh method of brewing for a coffee bean, but you can still produce something that tastes heavenly. Percolators can’t do that.

So why does making espresso just “work” for some people?

The secret behind a perfect espresso, besides good ingredients such as quality, fresh roasted coffee, good water and having a developed skill set for producing espresso, is the grinder.

Its a fact that you can make a better shot of espresso with  a cheaper coffee machine and grinder than with more expensive machine and no grinder. This isn’t just a plot to get you to spend a lot of money. Nothing has improved the quality of espresso as much as the addition of a good grinder to your home kit.

How to budget for a coffee grinder

Just think about it, the fact that the grinder is an integral part of the overall purchase. Think of it in terms of budget = espresso machine + grinder + accessories, instead of just budget = espresso machine. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to justify. And after you have those shots that will blow away +-90% of the cafés and restaurants out there, it just get’s easier.




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