Change your coffee blend or brand

Change your coffee blend or brand

Try something new

You might not be ready for change, but your palettes are craving for it.. Imagine discovering a new flavor that you can wake up to when you change your coffee blend or brand. It’s time to try something new.. Who knows you might discover something new that you’ll be waking up to every morning.

So why not try a different coffee brand, blend, roast or single origin ? (For those resistant to a whole new adventure)
All of us know the normal house brand coffees that you can buy at the supermarket, but it’s not where the road to coffee ends!! We’re glad you also realized this and you just want to satisfy your curiosity and open your world to a new coffee experience.

It is possible to make delicious coffee at home!!

Most of us grew up with a specific brand of coffee like Ricoffy, Frisco or Jacobs. You can’t blame yourself for this as some brands are more popular than others for many different reasons. Just always keep in mind that there are a variety of other brands of coffee out there waiting for you to taste them.

By now, we know two things, firstly, we know that you love your specific brand of coffee and you might have been loyal to them for years and two, we know that you love coffee in general. Every brand of coffee has their own unique coffee blend because they know that some want it pure Arabica while some want a blend of Arabica and Robusta, dark roast, light roast, city roast, single origin, fluid bed, drum roast, and the list goes on and on.

Every coffee company also source their beans from different parts of the world and this leads to a different body, aroma and taste. If you are more the organic type, fair trade or direct trade there are some who does this too.

There’s a coffee brand for everybody.


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