How to Backflush your Espresso Machine

How to Backflush your Espresso Machine

It is always good to get into the habit of back flushing your espresso machine to get rid of any coffee debris left over inside the machine.

Many baristas clean and maintain there espresso machines perfectly as well as all their accessories however, they sometimes tend to forget about the inside of the machine.

This might interfere with the delicious taste of the espresso they are famous for serving and they therefore need to make a point of regularly cleaning their machines.

To help them out, we thought it might be a good idea to share a video on this subject:

If you follow the instructions step by step you will reap the benefits of perfectly clean and hygienic espresso coffee machines.

The espresso machine used in the video is similar to the Rocket R58 1 Group Domestic Espresso Coffee Machine.

Share your thoughts on your cleaning routines in the comment section below and make sure that you order your Espresso coffee machines from Online Coffee Shop!

Always remember that a dirty coffee machine will result in dirty tasting coffee so make sure to keep it clean and in turn this will keep your clients happy and coming back for more!


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