Joe Frex Milk Thermometer

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Joe Frex Milk Thermometer.

Comes with protective sheath.

Milk Frothing Thermometer for with ideal temperature indicator.

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Joe Frex Milk Thermometer

Joe Frex  Milk Thermometer.

Comes with protective sheath.

The biggest mistake budding Baristas make is that they over steam the milk resulting in un-sweet milk with the incorrect texture.

In order to make the perfect mico-foam you need cool, fresh milk that is steamed to the correct temperature.

The Joe Frex Milk Frothing Milk Thermometer features :

Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic

Dimensions: Ø Dial 44mm x 130mm

Use this Barista Aid to fine tune your Barista skills.

Making the perfect coffee has become a science so any extra help we Baristas can get, we’ll take.