How to make the perfect cappuccino at home

How to make the perfect cappuccino at home

There are many myths and truths when it comes to making a great cappuccino at home. One of these myths are that you can’t make the same quality cappuccino at home than what you can buy in a restaurant or a cafe. But the actual truth is that a great tasting cappuccino is possible to make, even in your own kitchen. All you need is the right equipment on your counter top and loads of practise with water, steam and foam.

All you will need is an espresso machine with a built-in steaming wand and, of course a nice coffee to use as your foundation.
What will you need to make your cappuccino?
For the perfect cappuccino you will need about 25 ml of espresso coffee and 85 ml of fresh milk. The foam will create the additional value.

8 Easy Steps to make your perfect cappuccino at home

Step 1

Pour the cold milk into a metal steaming pitcher, about a third full.

Step 2

Release steam from the steaming wand for two seconds to eliminate any residual water.

Step 3

Dip the tip of the steaming wand into milk and start the jet. As the foam rises and the volume of milk increases, lower the pitcher, always keeping the tip submerged and tilted to create a vortex. Do not mix unnecessarily because let the natural circulating action do the work.

Step 4

Continue steaming until the milk reaches 65 degrees and its volume doubles. You can check this by using a probe-style kitchen thermometer.

Step 5

Tap the base of the pitcher firmly on the counter top to compress the foam.

Step 6

Prepare an espresso in your cup of choice, but a cappuccino cup will be ideal.

Step 7

Pour the foamed milk directly into the cup, first aiming for the center, then continuing in a circular motion out toward the rim.

Step 8

Now, for your final step, operate the steam wand one last time to eliminate any remaining milk residue.


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