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Each of our tools has been designed with our customers’ needs in mind. Customer feedback is very important to us, not only is it vital when designing new tools, it also leads to refinements of existing tools.

Our products continue making cleaning and maintenance faster and easier for baristas and roasters. Go ahead and give our products a try, you’ll not only save time, but will taste the difference in your next cup of coffee because we mean clean.

We bring this quality product to you in South Africa. Buy online and get fast delivery.

Pallo Caffeine Wrench

Pallo Caffeine Wrench.

As versatile as a drawer full of tools and loaded with practical features; this handy device is ready to tackle many of the routine tasks and adjustments around the bar. Saves space too.


Use this Barista Aid to fine tune your Barista skills.

Making the perfect coffee has become a science so any extra help we Baristas can get, we’ll take.