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Another Online Coffee Shop first.

We bring this revolutionary game changing grinder to you in South Africa.

The first affordable zero waste grinder.

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5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Flow Profile Expobar Office Lever with Niche Zero Grinder

Flow Profile Expobar Office Lever with Niche Zero Grinder.

Only white Niche Grinders still available.

Done deal – Flow Control Profile Expobar Office.

Besides working well the machine looks amazing with the profile lever, hot water and steam taps, lever knob and bottomless portafilter all in Italian Walnut Wood.

The next generation of prosumer machines are here. First the Lelit Bianca then Profitec Pro machines and now our own Expobar.

Gone are the days of extracting at 9 bar pressure for 25 seconds.

Now you can control the brew pressure with the manual paddle from start to finish, while getting live info from the group mounted pressure gauge.

Coffee will never be the same again.

By profiling each extraction just the way you want the possibilities are literally endless.

This is the single boiler, vibration pump Expobar Office Lever, but its no longer the base model with the addition of flow profile – the baby in the family has become the boss.

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder – Black.

The dilemma has how to get big commercial grinder quality on a smaller cost effective grinder – many have tried and many have failed.

Most people think that buying an expensive, big commercial, high end grinder is the solution to getting the best coffee in their home. But after spending a lot of money they realise that those grinders are design for busy espresso bars and will only operate optimally under busy conditions – in the home environment they create a lot of waste.

The other option is to buy a smaller grinder designed for home use which has less waste, but without the benefit of the larger burrs.

The Niche Zero has hit the sweet spot – BIG 63MM CONICAL BURRS WITH ZERO WASTE.

Keep your expensive beans stored properly until you need them. Then only weigh out exactly what you need and grind fresh. It makes no sense to keep your beans in the hopper at all.

Effortlessly switch between bean types and grind settings with no waste.

Just a few of the many reviews out there :

Available in black or white.

The Nich Zero Coffee Grinder features :

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