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Like many other enterprises, concept-art started out as a personal hobby, a passion rather – and even in a completely different field.

Early on in his life, founder Jörg F. Rexroth developed exceptional manual and conceptual skills as a craftsman and DIY enthusiast. He spent hours in his modest workshop in the basement, conceiving and fabricating a wide variety of objects like light fixtures, shelves, decorative elements etc. He preferred unusual materials, techniques and shapes, and the style and concept of these early designs demonstrated an astonishing originality and vision.

Word of mouth through family and friends generated an ever increasing demand for his unique furniture creations, and as a result he established a proper workshop in 1990. During this time he also obtained a university degree as industrial engineer, “on the side”, but in his heart he always remained the practitioner, the hands-on type.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Blind Filter – Joe Frex Rubber


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Coffee Bean Sampler


Roasting Accessories

Coffee Bean Scoop

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Roasting Accessories

Coffee Cupping Tray – Set of 3

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Cupping Spoon

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5 out of 5
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5 out of 5

Blind Filter – Joe Frex Rubber

Joe Frex Blind Filter – Rubber.

Will fit most machines that use a 58mm portafilter basket

No need to pop out your existing portafilter basket – just place the rubber blind filter in your portafilter basket and use with group head detergent to back flush your espresso machine’s group heads. Simultaneously you should use your group head brush to scrub the group head and surrounding channels.

You’ll be amazed at the coffee residue that builds up in your group head over a short period of time.

50mm diameter.

How often should you backflush your espresso machine.

Commercial espresso machines need to be backflushed every day with water and depending on how busy you are with group head detergent.

Domestic espresso machines should be backflushed with water after every use and backflushed with group head detergent at least once every week.

Espresso machines need to be backflushed to remove the coffee oils and granules that can build up inside your group head and portafilters, blocking the flow of water and killing the flavour of your coffee. If you follow a good maintenance schedule your coffee will taste better and you will extend the life of your espresso machine.