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Our family-owned company was established in 1954 by Remzi Aydın. The joining of his sons’ İhsan and Müjdat Aydın after their education has increased the company objective.

The company started its work with Turkish coffee mill in a field of 9 m2 and had only 3 staffs. Nowadays it has reached an appreciated size about the coffee equipments in a modern plant with the field of 2000 m2, 25 staffs and 5 technical and administrative staffs.

Nowadays our company, that exports %85 of its products, has sales agents in 15 different countries. Mainly America, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Taiwan are our highest export countries and day by day our export to Europe and African countries increases. The export goal of our company is in North-West Africa and Far East countries more to spread.

Has Garanti represents our country at the highest level, makes business contacts and follows closely the latest technologies by participating abroad every year in specialized fairs about coffee and coffee equipments.

Our company’s productions are coffee mills (Turkish coffee and drip coffee mills), coffee roasting machines, flue gas cleaning system (Afterburner), green coffee transport systems (Pneumatic loader), roasted coffee silos, destoners, powdered sugar mills, spice grinders, dry fruit roasting machines..

All of the produced machines by Has Garanti are packaged and loaded after final checks by testing with coffee.

Our company aims to reach a better size without sacrificing quality by taking firm steps forward.

Has Garanti HGS 2kg Coffee Roaster

Has Garanti HGS 2kg Coffee Roaster.

Guideline Price – US Dollars $9,400-00.

All prices are estimated and firmed up when we put a final quotation through to you once exchange rates etc have been confirmed..

Prices are ex works Cape Town – transport is not included.

Prices exclude insurance, transport, installation and commissioning the unit. Commissioning will be quoted separately. Gas and extraction installation are for your contractors.

In this model is applied a system with 3 Motor and 1 Fan. All motors and reducers are Italian origin, mute and highly productive and are preferred by taking their energy conservations into consideration.

In heating system HGS 1-2 are coherent with electricity and all gases, all of the other models are coherent with LPG-Propane and natural gas. Gas and electricity gases are full safe and products with CE certification are preferred.

Drum material is 4 mm low-carbon alloyed steel. This equally heat transferring material is important in the sense of heat absorption of your coffee equally.

In our model the heat is measured as digital coffee bean’s heat from inside of drum. The hull storage is given with machine. Our HGS model machines are especially preferred by whom, use single chimney system and roast single-type product.

Please contact us for availability of this item before purchase – we would like to inform you should there be any waiting period before you receive your stock.