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For nearly half a century, Ditting has manufactured Swiss precision coffee grinders and has grown with the industry’s changing needs while simultaneously setting standards in the coffee grinding industry.

The heart of the Ditting grinder is the material and design of the grinding disc developed by Ditting engineers and individually milled to perfection at the Ditting factory.

The grinders are driven by HIGH-TORQUE motors to withstand the heavy load encountered during fine grinding. The advantage of the grinding disc design is the fact that the coffee beans are cut down in size through multiple steps, resulting in uniform particle size according to the fineness selected.

Most importantly, during the grinding, the coffee beans are not overheated; therefore, the roast condition of the beans is not affected.

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Ditting KFA1203 Retail Packet Commercial Coffee Grinder

The Ditting KFA1203 Retail Packet Commercial Coffee Grinder is the ideal solution everywhere that fast, reliable and uniform grinding is required.
Coffee stores with a large volume of business, supermarkets and roasting establishments value these coffee grinders highly for their exceptional performance, sturdiness and simple and safe operation.

Whether you want to grind a large or small amount of coffee, whether the grind needs to be fine or coarse, our range of products will find the right machine for your requirements.

Ditting grinders reflect the latest state of the art capabilities. This is achieved through consistent, on-going development of the individual units taking current customer requirements into account and by adapting to safety and hygiene regulations.

The key part of any grinder is the grinding mechanism. Ditting attaches special importance to the design and manufacture of outstanding grinding mechanisms which guarantee uniform and gentle grinding whatever setting is required, time and time again.

For you and your customers, this uniform grinding ensures a full release of aroma and extraction of flavour comes to fruition during the brewing process.

The Ditting KFA1203 Retail Packet Commercial Coffee Grinder features :

Technical Features of the Ditting KFA1203 Retail Packet Commercial Coffee Grinder :

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